Session S2a (Sunday, 2pm, CHEM 102

P11: Incorporation of principles of forensic science in introductory and organic chemistry in a community college curriculum

Bal Barot (Lake Michigan College, USA)

Principles of Forensic Science in Introductory College Chemistry as well as one year Organic Chemistry curriculum is being incorporated with a) lab experiments, b) lecture demonstration, c) science club seminar and d) research term paper assignment. Organic chemistry lab experiments include oxidation of alcohol and a seminar about legal aspects of tests for alcohol intoxication. Thin Layer Chromatography experiment of unknown drug is followed by a lecture demonstration of one-step cassette presumptive drug detection. Introductory chemistry is a class for non-science major and students are assigned a research term paper about case study involving scientific methodology applied to solve a crime where principles of forensic science were applied. For this purpose students attend a workshop where they are taught about use of college subscribed electronic data base.


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