Session S2b (Monday, 9:30am, CHEM 102)

P111: Connections between chemistry and art in an interdisciplinary general education program

Carrigan Hayes (Otterbein University, USA)

Otterbein University presents its general education requirements via the Integrative Studies (INST) curriculum, integrating central learning objectives in interdisciplinary courses across campus.  The chemistry department’s contribution to this program highlights connections between molecular structure and macroscopic behavior of matter; a Chemistry and Art class was thus implemented into the INST program in 2011-2012, utilizing resources from the 2010 cCWCS Chemistry and Art Workshop.  Other interdisciplinary activities highlighted forensic and historical analyses of artwork and a discussion of the scientific method from a sociological perspective.  Guest speakers presented such programming as a laboratory in fresco art and construction (provided by the Department of Art).  Conversations have begun with colleagues to introduce new activities in X-ray diffraction (Inorganic Chemistry) and theater lighting (Light and Color).  Assessments of learning will be discussed, as will the particular ability of this course to ground students’ understanding of chemistry in multiple contexts and reference points.


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