Session S2a (Sunday, 2pm, CHEM 102

P12: For the love of science: Using forensics as a tool for getting and keeping students of all ages engaged in the world around them

Andrea Roberts (Wesleyan University, USA)

Forensic science provides an effective conduit that connects non-science students with scientific principles and laboratory practices without the students even realizing that they are engaged in a lab-based course. Incorporating many of the lab techniques, materials and topics from the CWCS Advanced Forensics Workshop, courses for first semester Freshmen, Summer Session Courses for all undergraduates as well as a Graduate Liberal Studies course for those returning to school have been developed for the Wesleyan curriculum. Each course consists of lectures, labs and discussion sections. Simultaneous local and national news media coverage of high-profile criminal cases provides discussion material regarding real-world application of principles being studied in class. All courses are similar in structure with assignments for writing, reading and problem solving based on the level of the rigor required course. The courses have all been well-received and are in high demand among students.


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