Session S20 (Monday, 9:30am, Wartik 105)

P137: Biologically flavored

Richard Hark (Juniata College, USA)

Since 1993, first-year students at Juniata College have taken a two-semester organic chemistry sequence that emphasizes material particularly relevant to the needs of students in the life sciences and pre-professional areas. The “Organic Chemical Concepts” courses and the associated textbook, which are specifically designed for freshmen, eliminate the vast majority of topics unnecessary for life scientists while integrating as many biology-related topics as possible. Such an approach has several advantages over the more traditional “general chemistry” sequence: the material is new to most students and is less likely to be viewed as a review of what they already have learned, biochemistry can be introduced earlier in the curriculum, and biology courses can begin building on organic chemical concepts in the sophomore rather than the junior year. A review of our nearly 20 years of experience with this innovative curriculum will be presented.


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