Session S21a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P142: Effect of student response systems on student achievement and study time in science classrooms

Autumn Sutherlin (Abilene Christian University, USA)

In four studies on the use of student response systems (clickers), we sought to understand if the use of clickers would impact students’ attitudes toward the use of technology for instruction and achievement on exams in university chemistry and biology classes.  The study designs were quasi-experimental using switching treatments.   Pre- and post- attitudinal surveys were administered to all students.  Self-reported study time and exam scores were analyzed.  While in three of the four studies students reported that they enjoyed using clickers, the results revealed no significant changes in attitude toward the use of instructional technology. Furthermore, neither the use of clickers nor the amount of student reported study time served as useful predictor of achievement in science classes.


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