Session S21a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P144: Using clickers to develop rapid knowledge assessment instrumentation (RKA) in the classroom

Erin O’Connell, Anja Blecking, Kristen Murphy (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, USA)

A rapid-measurement scheme developed to measure individual and class-wide problem solving efficiency entails a rapid knowledge assessment (RKA) instrument using clickers. Based on cognitive load theory the performance on task, mental effort, and immediate first step of individuals is measured via a series of questions and submitted by students using clickers.  Through tracking of the following areas a relationship is established to an individual’s schema development in the area, and intervention development implementation allows for progressive schema expansion. Validity of the instrument was assessed using an eye-tracker to validate and measure the reliability of the reported immediate first step and reported mental effort and correlations to external measures, such as standardized final exam scores.


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