Session S21a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P147: Retention of students and their learning in chemistry as promoted by clickers and online homework

Gary Wulfsberg, Misganaw Gebru, Amy Phelps (Middle Tennessee State University, USA)

We report the results of a study of the long-term (7-month) effectiveness of using Clickers and On-Line Homework in General Chemistry I. The learning was assessed by administering the full-year ACS General Chemistry Exam GC-97 to the students at the end of General Chemistry II, during three successive calendar years. There were no statistically significant differences in the performances of the clickers, online homework, or lecture-only groups.  Additionally, the percentage of the students who continued their study of General Chemistry through the end of the second semester nearly doubled among Clicker and On-line Homework students as compared to lecture-only students.  This work has enhanced importance since the Tennessee Legislature has changed the basis for funding universities from students enrolled to students graduating.  The work suggests that we may be able to retain twice as many students with no loss in learning or standards by using methods that enhance feedback.


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