Session S22a (Monday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P148: Online tools for student success: Attributing adaptive technology, interactive homework assessments, and recorded lectures to enhancements in student learning

Danae Quirk Dorr (Minnesota State University – Mankato, USA)

Improvements in student learning in an online Organic and Biochemistry for Allied Health course were ascribed to course design modifications which included the incorporation of adaptive technology, interactive homework, and recorded lectures.  Students enrolled in the course employed adaptive technology to enhance their learning of fundamental course concepts.  Students also utilized interactive homework which integrated ChemDraw functionality, multi-step applications, and a hint feature. The online assessment system also provided students with immediate Socratic feedback as well as additional options including problem repetition and guided solutions.   Indexed, recorded lectures, including worked problem examples, supplemented the text-based course materials.  Student achievement was quantified at the end of the session via the proctored Organic and Biochemistry portions of the ACS Standardized GOB exam.


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