Session S22a (Monday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P150: Using immediate feedback to promote student learning and retention in an online chemistry lecture

Melody Jewell (South Dakota State University – University Center Campus, USA)

Student learning and retention was assessed through the delivery of multiple-choice quizzes; one attempt at each quiz was required, after which immediate scores and feedback were provided.  Students could re-take the quiz (different questions, same topics) knowing if they chose a second attempt that score was the grade they would get.  Exams were formatted similarly, but only one attempt was allowed.

Retention was analyzed by comparing the quizzes to the subsequent exam and cumulative final by calculating percentages of correct answers in each topic area.  Compared to the first quiz, students who re-took the quiz improved their topic area scores on all subsequent assessments: 4% on the second quiz, 7% on the exam, and 7% on the cumulative exam.  Students taking quizzes only once showed a decrease in topic area scores on all subsequent assessments:  10% on the exam and 2.5% on the cumulative exam.  This preliminary data suggests that repetition and the immediate feedback are beneficial to retention.


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