Session S5b (Monday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)

P158: Can interactive, on-line tutorials with smart-pen technology help nursing students master chemical nomenclature?

Fred Garces (Miramar College, USA)

Can On-line interactive tutorials, which integrate Smart-pen (Livescribe) video technology, help nursing students master chemical nomenclature?  A very important area to master for student success in chemistry is writing correct chemical names and formulas.  Students who do not master this area of chemistry are handicapped in further topics in this subject, especially in the topics of stoichiometry and Lewis structures.  A tutorial was developed last summer using ChemED DL resources (ChemPath) in hopes that students would gain a 90% proficiency or better in chemical nomenclature after working through the tutorial. This paper will discuss how the tutorial was developed, how students gain access, and how those students who participated in the study fared compared to those who did not.


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