Session S23a (Monday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 011)

P165: Oxidation of borneol to camphor using oxone and catalytic NaCl: A green experiment for the organic chemistry laboratory

Jane Wissinger (University of Minnesota, USA)

A green oxidation experiment was developed for the undergraduate organic teaching laboratories using Oxone® and a catalytic amount of sodium chloride for the conversion of borneol to camphor.  This simple one hour, room temperature reaction afforded high quality and yield of product, was environmentally friendly, and produced negligible quantities of hazardous waste.  The experiment was performed using (1S)-borneol providing large quantities of the less prevalent (1S)-camphor for an active research program.  Surveys of the students indicated a high level of satisfaction in the green qualities of the reaction and the use of their collected product in fundamental research.  This new experiment proved superior to the former bleach oxidation procedure traditionally used as an illustrative green reaction in teaching labs.


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