Session S24a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 201)

P167: Teaching chemistry topics through the rich context of climate science

Peter Mahaffy (The King’s University College, Canada), Mary Kirchhoff (American Chemical Society, USA), Brian Martin (The King’s University College, Canada), Lallie McKenzie (Chem11, LLC, USA), Marcy Towns, Ashley Versprille (Purdue University, USA)

Understanding and responding to the fundamental changes to earth’s atmosphere and oceans since the industrial revolution is one of the defining challenges facing our modern world. Despite the fact that much of the underlying science builds so heavily on fundamental chemistry and physics, chemistry educators have taken little ownership for helping students visualize and understand the science and connect it to conceptual understanding in chemistry courses. We introduce (a) strategies used in an NSF-funded CCLI project to teach a set of core chemistry concepts through the rich contexts of climate science and (b) a new IYC-2011 legacy project carried out in partnership with IUPAC, UNESCO, RSC and ACS to create a set of interactive web resources for global dissemination,


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