Session S24a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 201)

P169: Global climate change: Integrative curriculum development for general chemistry

Daniel King (Drexel University, USA), Jennifer Lewis (University of South Florida, USA), Karen Anderson (Madison College, USA), Doug Latch (Seattle University, USA), Cathy Middlecamp (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA), Rick Moog (Franklin and Marshall College, USA), Susan Sutheimer (Green Mountain College, USA), Gail Webster (Guilford College, USA)

Global climate change is a timely issue for our students, both now and in their future careers. Furthermore, climate change connects easily and well to many concepts addressed in the general chemistry curriculum.  Through an NSF-funded project, we are developing in-class climate change activities with the POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) model that uses a learning cycle to guide students from concept exploration to concept understanding. These activities teach chemistry principles in the context of global climate change. Analysis of student discourse during the activities will be used to inform revisions of the activities so that they better promote both the development of scientific concepts and substantive discussion of related socio-economic and environmental issues. We will present the chemistry principle(s) associated with each climate change topic, showcasing the features and format of one activity.


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