Session S25a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 104)

P182: Development and assessment of a learning progression for structure-property relationships – Chemistry, Life, the Universe, and Everything (CLUE)

Sonia Underwood, Melanie Cooper (Clemson University, USA), Michael Klymkowsky (University of Colorado – Boulder, USA)

The understanding of structure-property relationships takes time to master, and therefore needs to be introduced, worked with, and mastered in a learnable order.  Chemistry, Life, the Universe, and Everything (CLUE) is a curriculum designed to help students’ develop a deeper understanding of chemistry by developing core ideas in an organized fashion, and by explicitly connecting these ideas.  That is we are designing learning progressions that are evidence–based descriptions of pathways likely to lead to improved mastery of core ideas in science.  This presentation will include the description and assessment of a learning progression based on our own research findings focused on the connection between molecular structure and the ability to predict chemical and macroscopic properties.


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