Session S26a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 117)

P194: ANA-POGIL: Implementation of POGIL in the analytical chemistry classroom

Christine Dalton (Carson-Newman College, USA), Renee Cole (University of Iowa, USA), Juliette Lantz (Drew University, USA)

Over the last five years, faculty involved in the ANA-POGIL project have been developing, reviewing, and testing Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning materials specifically designed for analytical chemistry.  In the final years of this NSF funded grant project, the focus of the consortium has shifted from predominantly writing to primarily collecting student data through alpha testing activities in our classrooms at several institutions.  Developing implementation strategies has been an integral part of classroom testing, and it will be helpful in future dissemination.  Implementation methods can have a significant impact on students’ views of POGIL, affecting the success of student learning.  Implementation experiences from an alpha tester’s analytical chemistry courses will be presented along with assessment strategies and the impact of implementation on authoring activities.


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