Session S4 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 120)

P21: Collaboration in general chemistry laboratory: An electronic approach - WITHDRAWN

Cynthia Powell (Abilene Christian University, USA)

For the past five years, students in General Chemistry laboratories at Abilene Christian University have submitted team lab reports electronically. Each week students are assigned a different portion of the report to complete based on their team role and they work together to craft the body of the report before leaving the laboratory session. They compile the document using either a shared team folder or Google docs. The format allows embedding of graphs and data collected on computers, as well as photographs or videos taken with smart phones. After the submission of the team report and conclusion of the laboratory session, each student electronically submits a laboratory reflection. All grading is completed online. This approach has reduced paperwork and improved communication between students and teaching assistants and between supervising faculty and teaching assistants about graded assignments. It has also enhanced student collaboration and taught organizational skills as students learn to document their work.


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