Session S29 (Monday, 11:10am, Boucke 109)

P215: Hired as a generalist: Keeping active with CER without a specific mandate

Larry Miller (Westminster College, USA)

Unlike most traditional positions in chemistry departments, my role in the Department of Chemistry at Westminster College is not attached to any specific discipline. Instead, this tenure-track position requires the ability to teach in more than one discipline, to mentor students in undergraduate research, and to engage in scholarship, without any definition of what that scholarship must be. My background in CER has been helpful to the department in redesigning a placement exam, working with undergraduates to design and assess new laboratory experiments, and examining curriculum from a vertical integration standpoint as I have the unique perspective of having taught most of the undergraduate courses. However, I also have had to overcome difficulty in fitting traditional CER projects into the single semester senior research model and in defining meaningful scholarship and my identity within a generalist position. After some early struggles, I am now beginning to engage in CER scholarship at an appropriate level for a non-CER position at a PUI with some work in progress regarding student comprehension of journal articles across upper level courses. In this talk, I would like to share my experiences, both good and bad, about CER as scholarship for a chemistry generalist.


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