Session S18b (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 106)

P225: Community outreach through the ACS ChemClub program

Karen Kaleuati (American Chemical Society, USA), Brenda Gelinas (Downingtown Area School District, USA), Kerri Petterson (Downingtown East High School, USA)

The ACS ChemClub program helps to create opportunities for the high schools associated with the program to go into their community and engage community members in chemistry.  The ChemClub program has been offering Community Activities Grants every year since 2009 to improve science learning experiences.  Many schools plan activities to visit elementary or middle schools to perform demonstrations or set-up mini labs for student participation.  These events have been very popular and have grown over the years.  Some clubs have started to invite the community as a whole to attend their events, by hosting an evening or Saturday event.  Participants will receive insight from current ChemClub advisors about an event they plan yearly with their club.


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