Session S2c (Monday, 2pm, CHEM 102)

P228: Greening the chemistry curriculum and making it artsy too

Vera Kolb (University of Wisconsin – Parkside, USA)

The “Green Chemistry” and “Chemistry of Art” workshops have greatly inspired both our teaching and research.  We have created a new course, “Special topics in Chemistry 290: Green Chemistry”, a lab/lecture course, with a dedicated library web site with the supporting materials.  We have implemented green chemistry in the Organic Laboratory 323, Advanced Organic Laboratory 401, Advanced Organic Lecture 402, and the Independent Study 499.  In addition, we have implemented some of the “Chemistry of Art” material into the Organic Laboratory courses 323 and 401, such as synthesis of indigo and the study of colors of the dye-metal complexes. Also, we have made progress towards creating a library web site with the “Chemistry of Art” material.  We have utilized what we have learned in the green chemistry workshop for our research in astrobiology, and have several papers published on the aqueous and solventless reactions as they apply to the meteoritic chemistry.


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