Session S2c (Monday, 2pm, CHEM 102)

P229: Bridging green chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology: Creating a course on the chemistry of energy

Susan Sutheimer (Green Mountain College, USA)

Despite their seemingly diverse titles, the Green Chemistry Workshop and the Materials Science and Nanotechnology Workshop have one critically important topic in common – Energy.  Recognizing and minimizing the environmental and economic impacts of energy usage in chemical processes is one of the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry.  Materials science and nanotechnology not only minimize energy use through the development of catalytic substances, but also develop materials such as semiconductors and solar cells that are vital to developing renewable energy sources.   The information and laboratory exercises from these two workshops, coupled with the college’s new biomass plant, have provided the seeds for a new hands-on course, The Chemistry of Energy, at an institution known for its emphasis on environmental and social sustainability.


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