Session S2c (Monday, 2pm, CHEM 102)

P230: Toward a better undergraduate laboratory program

Kathleen Hess (Brown University, USA)

From the workshop of the summer of 2007, I have revised 4 different chemistry laboratories (general, organic and inorganic) to focus on guided-inquiry experiments.  For the past 4 years, these changes have affected thousand of students that have taken chemistry courses at Brown.  Most recently, an undergraduate student worked with me to revise and adapt experiments from the Journal of the Chemical Education for the 1st semester organic chemistry laboratory.  All the experiments are inquiry-based. Financial support for the student came from an undergraduate teaching and research award (UTRA) from Brown University.  With the adaptation of the inquiry-based learning environment in the laboratories, the training of numerous teaching assistants to work in this type of setting has been necessary. Everyone involved in the learning process must be comfortable dealing with uncertainty. The training of the graduate students has added another dimension to implementing this strategy in a large classroom setting.


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