Session S3c (Monday, 2pm, Paterno 104)

P233: Education on the prairie: the early history of North Dakota State University

Seth Rasmussen (North Dakota State University, USA)

North Dakota became a state in 1889, which then made it eligible under the Morrill Act of 1862 to establish a land-grant educational institution that would provide a “liberal and practical education of the industrial classes…”. As a result, the North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC) was formally founded in Fargo on October 15, 1890.  Edwin Fremont Ladd was hired as the second faculty member of NDAC and appointed Professor of Chemistry in 1890. As the founding member of the Chemistry Department, Ladd was its guiding spirit from 1890 until his advancement to University President in 1916. During this time, the Chemistry department was a leading force in the growth and development of NDAC and many of the current academic departments were originally part of Chemistry. An overview of the early history of the University, the Chemistry department, and Ladd’s contributions will be presented.


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