Session S21b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 118)

P253: uRespond: iPad as interactive, personal response system

Nathaniel Grove (University of North Carolina – Wilmington, USA), Melanie Cooper (Clemson University, USA)

Personal response systems are quickly becoming indispensable formative assessment tools in many college-level chemistry courses. By using such devices, students are provided with invaluable insights into the skills perceived by the instructor as important, while concurrently, the instructor can gather feedback as to how well students have mastered those skills. In graphically intensive subjects such as chemistry, however, their use is severely limited by the input options afforded by current devices. It is often difficult to distill graphing and structure creation tasks into questions that can be answered with short strings of numbers or via multiple choice.  We are currently developing uRespond, a touch-based personal response system that allows students to utilize the iPad to draw graphs and structures in response to questions asked by the instructor.  This presentation will highlight our initial development efforts and showcase the uRespond system.


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