Session S22b (Monday, 2pm, Mueller 008)

P258: Breaking down the energy barrier to develop your online course

Kathy Carrigan, Kenneth Friedrich (Portland Community College, USA)

What is holding you back from teaching chemistry online?  Breaking down the energy barrier is a crucial first step to developing your online course. Portland Community College (Portland, Oregon) has developed a fully online distance learning option for the year-long GOB Chemistry series and the Introductory Chemistry course.  It is a combination of various types of content modules, at-home wet lab chemistry experiments, online homework, and live interactive office hours. Enrollment has been strong and students are performing well. Kathy Carrigan and Ken Friedrich will present an inside look into how the course is delivered, how the at home labs are being completed by students, and how they are assessed. We will also share the development problems and successes. If you have been thinking about offering a distance learning chemistry course this is the session for you.


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