Session S22b (Monday, 2pm, Mueller 008)

P259: Developing a laboratory component to accompany an online general education chemistry course

James Jeitler (Marietta College, USA)

The laboratory component for online chemistry courses has taken many forms.  These range from on-campus laboratory sections to entirely virtual laboratory experiences.  A growing trend is the use of “Kitchen Chemistry” laboratory experiments that students can complete at home with household chemicals and cooking measuring devices.  We have developed a kitchen chemistry laboratory curriculum for our general education Modern Chemistry course that utilizes experiments similar to those used in our on-campus laboratory course.  Enrollment in this course requires the purchase of a low cost laboratory kit that contains the essential equipment found in the chemistry lab, including a balance.  Preliminary data show that students enrolled in the online course using the laboratory kits perform equally as well as students enrolled in the on-campus course using standard laboratory equipment.


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