Session S32 (Monday, 2pm, Life Sciences 009)

P264: Engaging in resources for excellence: Impact of professional development workshops based on ACS resources

Candice McCloskey (Georgia Perimeter College, USA), Angela Allen (Lenoir Community College, USA), Bal Barot (Lake Michigan College, USA), Robert Brenneman (Montgomery College, USA), Mary Roslonowski (Brevard Community College, USA)

“Resources for Excellence” is a series of interactive professional development workshops focused on the concerns of chemistry faculty at two-year colleges.  Developed in partnership with the Two-Year College Chemistry Consortium and the Society Committee on Education, the workshops walk participants through the process of using ACS and other resources to develop strategies that address the unique concerns of their institutions.

The workshops were first launched in late 2010.  In the panel discussion, four of the two-year college faculty that participated in the workshops will share the opportunities that developed through interacting with colleagues at the workshops.  The impact of some of the resources presented in the workshops, such as the ACS Guidelines for Chemistry in Two-Year Colleges, will also be discussed.


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