Session S33

P267: AP Chem Lab Decathlon

Dalia Zygas (West Leyden High School, USA)

The AP Chem Lab Decathlon is an intense, focused lab activity designed to review descriptive chemistry, reactions in general and net ionic equations. Our school district performs this during an all-day, in-school field trip; it can be modified to suit the time constraints of your particular situation.   Students in groups of 2-3 perform ten “events”; they design and perform small scale lab tests to identify (in the end) over 40 unknowns, set up in 10 stations. During each event, students immediately write and get feedback on net ionic equations.  As the decathlon proceeds, student observation skills and equation writing improve.  I have designed this to be graded in “real time” – no giant stack of papers to grade when it is over! Logistics and examples of organizing unknowns will be provided.


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