Session S34a (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 105)

P277: ‘Flipping’ the lecture: Teaching General Chemistry 2

Jack F. McKenna (St. Cloud State University, USA)

The traditional lecture method has taught chemistry to countless millions of students and most of us that have survived the experience are most comfortable teaching the way that we were taught.  However, declining student performance in first-year chemistry courses over the past several years has spawned a number of strategies to improve student success.  The most successful has been the advent of POGIL strategies and variations using student learning assistants (LAs) to improve active learning.

I have implemented an active learning strategy that has been modified from POGIL using PowerPoint lectures being accessed by D2L prior to class thus allowing class time to be devoted to active group learning.  Thus, with the lecture being done outside of class and essentially using class time to do ‘homework’, the term ‘flipping’ the lecture seems appropriate.  With daily quizzes on the lectures prior to coming to class, in class assignments graded with an audience response system (i.e., ‘clickers’), and homework assigned through Mastering Chemistry that is due before the next class, the instructor has multiple opportunities to gauge student understanding.

Additionally, rather than allow students who score poorly to simply continue on in the course with significant gaps in their understanding, make-up exams with the opportunity to earn half of the point differential on their makeup exam versus their first attempt at the exam encourages students to fill in those gaps.

The results of student performance and student satisfaction with this ‘flipped’ method of learning will be discussed.


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