Session S34a (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 105)

P278: The effectiveness of time-shifting (“flipping”) in the general chemistry classroom

Dominick Casadonte (Texas Tech University, USA)

We have time-shifted” or “flipped” the Honors General Chemistry course sequence  at Texas Tech University during the 2011-12 AY.  All of the lectures were pre-recorded using the Mediasite platform and placed on Blackboard for students to watch in advance of class time.  Online web learning homework assignments were used to determine if students had watched the lecture.  Class time was used to summarize lectures, clear up muddy conceptual points, and work advanced problems, using a variety of modalities. The efficacy of the method was determined by giving exams that had been given to other honors classes (> 5 years previously) and comparing exam results. A 40-question Leikert assessment and a 40-question free-response assessment were also given to the students in a pre-post format. Results of the various assessments, as well as the effectiveness of the method for different student cohorts will be discussed.


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