Session S34a (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 105)

P280: Use of course management systems for ongoing feedback, course development and student reflection

Lianne Schroeder, Ginevra Clark (University of Illinois – Chicago, USA)

Course management systems (CMS) are an important component of many university classes.  While grade management and online homework management are two commonly used features of many CMS, other features may help in the improvement of learning environments. A little used feature of our CMS (Blackboard) was used to implement weekly student surveys in an organic and biochemistry course for allied health majors. Surveys served multiple purposes including: weekly feedback regarding different components of the course, encouraging student reflection, and providing information to be used in the redesign and updating of the course. This provided us the opportunity to address student concerns as well as suggesting instructional changes. In addition, surveys were analyzed for trends and changes in student understanding of the course components and student perceptions of responsibility for learning.  We see further potential for research in using the CMS survey tools to elicit student thinking about a variety of topics related to the learning environment.


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