Session S34a (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 105)

P281: Meaningful project work for students in the Google world

Ashley Causton (University of Calgary, Canada)

The “google-cut-and-paste” mentality of many modern undergraduate students presents a major challenge in assigning project coursework.  It is possible for a student to produce a high quality body of work without having understood (or even read !) what they have “written”.  Project work does provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to retrieve information and critically evaluate its worth, ultimately they use their knowledge of chemistry concepts to select the content.  Student ownership of the chosen project was achieved by having them build a WIKI site on the world wide web, this process led to significant engagement and pride in their body of work.  This presentation will give an insight into the use of this web 2.0 technology in the teaching and learning environment.


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