Session S24b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 201)

P284: Teaching climate change and other global environmental issues in General Chemistry I

Bert Holmes (University of North Carolina – Asheville, USA)

General Chemistry I (CHEM 132) at the University of North Carolina-Asheville has been taught based on the theme of global environmental problems with a focus on climate change.  This course is required of chemistry majors and all other science majors.  In addition, CHEM 132 is part of a general education requirement (Integrated Liberal Studies) for a cluster of three courses that together address an important societal issue.  Fundamental chemistry concepts associated with climate change are integrated into the teaching of unit conversions, stoichiometry, predicting and balancing chemical reactions, spectroscopy, electromagnetic radiation, structure and bonding, threshold events, thermochemistry, etc.  Enrichment activities include special seminars related to energy usage, sustainable practices, and social or political issues related to global climate change.


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