Session S24b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 201)

P285: Green chemistry and climate change science in undergraduate chemistry curricula

Lallie McKenzie (Chem11, LLC, USA)

Introducing climate change concepts into undergraduate chemistry curricula holds promise for the future of our world as well as for the improvement in education of scientists. At the same time, barriers can make adoption of these new approaches challenging. Advances in green chemistry education over the last decade have led to the successful incorporation of green chemistry into a variety of undergraduate settings. Textbooks, laboratory experiments, technical and educational journals, and academic course developers have embraced green chemistry, and the support of faculty for inclusion of these concepts has led to an increased presence of green chemistry in the material on college campuses. This presentation will draw parallels between climate change education and green chemistry education. The lessons learned from green chemistry education approaches can help educators take advantage of the benefits and minimize the challenges when incorporating important environmental ideas and applications into current curricula for undergraduates.


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