Session S24b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 201)

P288: Project iLASER: A science outreach endeavor to increase public awareness of issues in sustainable energy

David Brown (Southwestern College, USA)

As a public science outreach endeavor devised to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry 2011, Project iLASER has a central theme of sustainability, namely harnessing light from the sun as a source of sustainable energy to power the planet.  Project iLASER included an extensive road trip in 2011 along the entire length of the 2,000 mile U.S.-Mexico border from the Pacific Ocean in California to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas to engage children in Boys & Girls Clubs and elementary schools with hands-on activities that simulate sustainable energy production with sunlight.  Aside from the road trip portion of the project, additional activities include public lectures and demonstrations, along with working with children in a host of Boys & Girls Clubs and elementary and middle schools in the San Diego, California area, the geographic hub of Project iLASER.


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