Session S25b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 104)

P293: Analysis of the effect of student cognizance of the Learning Cycle in general chemistry

Matthew Czapla, Michael Abraham (University of Oklahoma, USA)

While the benefits of the using the Learning Cycle have been well researched, one area that has received surprisingly little investigation is the effect that student cognizance of the learning cycle has on student performance in chemistry.  The Learning Cycle, with its strong theoretical roots in scientific practice and learning theory, offers a logical opportunity to educate students in the nature of science and metacognition.  In addition, by examining the class holistically, students will have the opportunity to better link the lab and lecture components of the course.  We hypothesized that since a keen understanding of the nature of science, strong metacognitive ability, and a holistic view of Learning Cycle classes have all been shown to increase student comprehension in general chemistry, students who were taught to understand the Learning Cycle would perform better than students who were not.  Statistical analysis of survey and grade data will be presented.


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