Session S35 (Monday, 2pm, Life Sciences 013)

P303: Combining single-topic, technique-based labs into discovery-based labs for first semester organic chemistry

David Goode, Kevin Bucholtz (Mercer University, USA)

In the Mercer University Chemistry Department, we have designed our laboratory curriculum to move students from single-topic labs in introductory chemistry through project-based labs into undergraduate research.  In our approach, General Chemistry I and II laboratories are designed to align with the course content, which keeps the laboratory design focused to single-topic labs.  In order to prepare our majors for senior level undergraduate research, project-based labs begin the second semester of organic chemistry and continue throughout our integrative third-year lab sequence.  To ease the transition from these early single-topic labs into project-based labs, we redesigned our first semester organic chemistry laboratory curriculum away from single-topic, technique-based labs to multicomponent discovery-based labs.  This new approach still presents the same techniques as before while also providing additional challenge, context, and discovery.


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