Session S28b (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 108)

P312: Using a small class of chemistry majors to experiment with teaching techniques in general chemistry

Teresa Birdwhistell (Xavier University of Louisiana, USA)

In order to accommodate 500+ students in general chemistry each semester, chemistry faculty at Xavier University of Louisiana developed a tightly coordinated general chemistry lecture, drill, and lab sequence.  Even though the current sequence is effective at teaching students the mechanics of problem solving in chemistry, their conceptual understanding lacks depth.  To address this problem, the Chemistry Department decided to offer a general chemistry sequence for STEM majors who are not planning to go to medical school or pharmacy school.  The new course sequence provides an opportunity to experiment with teaching techniques, with the idea that successful techniques can be incorporated into the larger sections.  A comparison of the two sequences and the results of assessment after one year will be presented.


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