Session S14c (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 216)

P319: Integrating research into the two-semester organic chemistry course at Austin College

Stephanie Gould, Andrew Carr (Austin College, USA)

Over the past several years, the organic chemistry laboratory sequence at Austin College has been adapted to teach and reinforce research skills throughout the two-semester course. Ultimately this process leads up to a three-week research based project. Students start the semester by learning to write in their lab notebook like an organic chemist would have to in a research laboratory. In the fourth week of lab students are taught to write an experimental describing what happened in their experiment for their lab reports. Within the actual lab, specific experiments are chosen based on techniques as well as the overall experiment. Finally, the semester comes to a close with a three-week research opportunity where materials are synthesized for one of research labs at Austin College. During this lab, students are asked to analyze data, make predictions and change the procedure to improve their experiment. This presentation will go into detail about which changes to the laboratory sequence have had a positive impact on the class goals and what changes have not made as large an impact as desired.


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