Session S37a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P363: Implementation of an “Introduction to Experimental Chemistry” course

Kimberly Woznack, Gregg Gould, Min Li, Matthew Price, Ali Sezer (California University of Pennsylvania, USA)

At California University of Pennsylvania, General Chemistry I & II courses serve students in a variety of majors including chemistry.  Offering CHE 104: Introduction to Experimental Chemistry, for chemistry majors only, has allowed us to teach topics such as: literature searching, reading of literature, utilization of relevant chemistry software applications, and laboratory safety.  In addition to kick-starting the chemistry course work with the CHE 104 course, we also have carefully designed our integrated lab program and our undergraduate research courses to promote student success.  Our integrated lab curriculum consists of Intermediate Lab I & II, Advanced Lab I & II, and culminates with Chemistry Research I & II.  During our integrated laboratory curriculum we progressively increase our expectations, beginning with guided data analysis and interpretation and working towards senior seminar and poster presentations based on independent research projects.  Details of our curriculum and examples of activities will be presented.


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