Session S37a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

p364: An organic chemistry laboratory exercise in information literacy using SciFinder

Bonnie Swoger, Eric Helms (State University of New York – Geneseo, USA)

A laboratory exercise was developed as the result of a collaboration between chemistry faculty and librarians to introduce chemical literature searching into a large organic chemistry course.  A pre-lab reading and worksheet was designed to introduce students to major concepts associated with the chemical literature: peer review, types of scientific articles (including patents) and major sources for chemical information (like SciFinder).  The in-lab exercise focused on three major goals.  First, students learned to use SciFinder to find chemical data, including spectra.  Second, students explored of the nature of the chemical literature.  Finally, students learned to use SciFinder to discover chemical literature related to specific topics corresponding to material under discussion in lecture.  Following the exercise, students completed a brief assessment gauging their ability to apply the concepts covered.  Students also provided feedback regarding their previous knowledge and what they felt they learned.


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