Session S38 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 011)

P370: Calibrated Peer Review: A new user's perspective

John W. Moore (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA), Rachel Bain (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA), Jeremiah D. Erickson (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA), Chad C. Wilkinson (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

With the goal of improving students’ ability to write good laboratory reports, we are implementing Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in a sophomore inorganic laboratory course. We are using CPR-5, which enables students to upload a file. We are developing techniques that allow our students to write laboratory reports in Microsoft Word, include relevant graphs and chemical structures, convert the Word file to PDF, and upload the PDF to CPR. We will report what has worked well and what has not, based on use of CPR in this course.


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