Session S39a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Thomas 117)

P377: Measuring student understanding of acid-base reactions: Preliminary results from the Acid-Base Concept Inventory

Jana Jensen, Stacey Lowery Bretz (Miami University, USA)

The purpose of this study is to identify misconceptions that students have about acid-base reactions. Our research questions include: (1) How do students identify acid-base reactions? (2) What features stand out to students as essential in acid-base reactions? Thirty-six students were interviewed regarding their classification schemes for 13 reactions. The students were recruited from high school, general chemistry I & II, organic chemistry I & II, and a graduate level organic chemistry seminar. Analysis of the interviews was used to develop a 28-item Acid-Base Concept Inventory (ABC Inventory). The distracters within the inventory come directly from student explanations during the interviews. The ABC Inventory was pilot tested with students in high school, general chemistry, and organic chemistry courses.  Results from the inventory will be presented.


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