Session S40 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Thomas 215)

P385: Introducing Visual Learning Maps to enhance cognitive skills in chemistry

Karen Knaus, Michael Tang, Toan Tran (University of Colorado – Denver, USA)

This presentation describes the basis behind the development of new educational software application designed to improve the thinking and study skills of students enrolled in STEM courses. The application consists of: (1) a set of educational materials that emphasize the process of learning through logical and coherent structures that mirror basic thinking processes; (2) a learning method with multi-media materials centered on visual learning maps and critical-thinking principles; and (3) the integration of a strong reading and writing component to reinforce the development of cognitive skills. The presentation further suggests that student use of visual learning maps and the eThinker© application may prove to be an extremely powerful educational intervention because of key cognitive linguistic and cognitive science principles.


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