Session S40 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Thomas 215)

P388: Student confidence judgments for various question types in general chemistry

Seth Anthony (Oregon Institute of Technology, USA)

Students are often significantly overconfident in their own performance and their degree to which they have answered chemistry questions correctly. Students’ performance also varies widely as a function of question type –- including well-documented divides between success at correctly answering “algorithmic” problems and related “conceptual” problems (typically requiring understanding of molecular-level behavior). Are students aware of these divides? This study investigates how students’ metacognitive judgments of their own performance are influenced by characteristics of the chemistry problems being considered. Using both instructor-designed questions and questions from the ACS Examinations Institute’s Paired Questions Exams for General Chemistry, we collected students’ self-reported confidence judgments for questions on exams and quizzes in a general chemistry course. We will present analysis of the relationships between students’ confidence judgments for chemistry problems, students’ success at answering those questions, and characteristics of the question itself, such as conceptual vs. algorithmic content, free response vs. multiple choice, and question difficulty.


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