Session S45a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 106)

P414: Essential features for developing chemistry teachers’ perceptions and use of inquiry-based instructional approaches: A cross-program analysis.

Patrick Daubenmire (Loyola University Chicago, USA)

Inquiry-based pedagogies have been established as primary modes of effective instruction.  Integrating these modes into teacher development programs is critical for fostering ongoing and progressive instruction in 21st century classrooms.  Two different, but intensive teacher support programs focused on developing perceptions and use of inquiry-based pedagogies through: (1) understanding of content and inquiry and how to build them simultaneously, (2) the use of aligned assessments, and; (3) critical and collaborative reflection on student data for building lesson plans that target student needs.  Based on analysis of teacher reflection data, classroom observations, and responses to repeated administrations of the Survey of Enacted Curriculum (SEC), common essential program features, such as building professional learning communities around inquiry teaching, and their effects on teacher development will be shared.


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