Session S45a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 106)

P418: Building rich communities of practice through Noyce, MSP, TQ, Chemistry Olympiad and more

Greg Rushton, Michelle Dean, Scott Lewis (Kennesaw State University, USA)

Over the past several years, chemistry educators from Metro Atlanta school systems have partnered with Kennesaw State University faculty to develop increasingly rich communities of practice through deliberate, interactive learning experiences often co-constructed by both parties. In this presentation, we will share our efforts and outcomes to date to work together to improve the quality of chemistry teaching and learning in all of our classrooms, secondary and post-secondary alike. Examples will include NSF Noyce Scholarship Programs, Math/Science Partnerships, Improving Teacher Quality Grants, Chemistry Olympiad, Flinn Summer Workshops, AP Summer Institutes, and Safety Summits.


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