Session S45a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 106)

P419: ACS as an active partner in efforts to prepare chemistry teachers

George Bodner (Purdue University, USA)

Chemistry was listed in the 2009 Educator Supply and Demand in the United States Report as one of several fields – including mathematics, physics and special education – facing serious shortages of qualified teachers at the secondary level. ACS recognizes the critical role of the chemistry community in preparing the high-school chemistry teachers of tomorrow. Recent efforts led by the ACS include the emerging Chemistry Teacher Education Coalition (CTEC), designed to actively engage chemistry departments in the preparation of future chemistry teachers. This talk will examine the role the ACS is taking in partnership with the Association of Public and Land-Grant Colleges and Universities (APLU), in preparing future high-school chemistry teachers who are ready and able to teach using content and pedagogy that align with the NRC’s “Framework for K-12 Science Education: Science Practices, Crosscutting Concepts and Core Ideas” and subsequent science standards, such as the Next Generation Science Standards being developed. For more information please refer to “Preparing Chemistry Teachers for the Next Generation Science Standards,” which appeared in Chemical and Engineering News, 12 December 2011, p 32.


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