Session S46 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Boucke 109)

P421: Attempting radical change in the chemistry curriculum

Henry Jakubowski, Kate Graham, Brian Johnson, Chris Schaller (College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, USA)

The pedagogy in chemistry has evolved dramatically in the last few decades, whereas textbooks and courses have remained static.  Recently, although there has been an attempt by many textbook publishers to reorganize general chemistry using an “Atoms First” approach, there has been little significant change in chemistry curricula.  We will present an overview of our approach to a dramatic revision of our curriculum.  This process has led to the development of new resources and new pedagogies.  During this revisioning process, we have had to address many obstacles such as a lack of textbooks or appropriate online homework resources.  We are also dealing with a lack of appropriate assessment tools.   There have been attitudinal challenges involving students, parents and colleagues, both within and beyond our own department.  This presentation addresses some of the lessons we have learned as we have developed a radical new chemistry curriculum.


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