Session S46 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Boucke 109)

P422: Creating a marble platform for our Grecian palace: Evolving an evidence-based curriculum beginning with introductory chemistry

Judith Amburgey-Peters (College of Wooster, USA)

In developing a chemical education presence at The College of Wooster, we are reviewing our Introductory Chemistry (IC) program, which includes two introductory chemistry courses and a laboratory.  Our overarching goal is evolution towards a more evidence-based curriculum.  Intended outcomes of this pilot project are (1) to build a shared vision as we articulate learning goals, align the goals with research-based teaching practices, and design integrated assessment, (2) to engage students as co-inquirers, and (3) to promote Faculty and Student-Faculty learning communities.  The project includes Faculty and Student feedback, Faculty observations of the introductory laboratory, and participation of a Student-Faculty team in the NSF-sponsored Advancing Chemistry by Enhancing Learning in the Laboratory (ACELL) workshop.  We will share our plan for our introductory chemistry program and its integration with our upper level curriculum within the context of our required Independent Study program that is integrated throughout the students’ four years.


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