Session S34b (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 105)

P426: Project iPad: Integrating iPads into general chemistry

Rebecca M. Jones (George Mason University, USA), Robert Shelton (Austin Peay State University, USA)

Interactive technology in the classroom has been shown to enhance student learning.  The Apple iPad is one of the most exciting innovations of modern technology and has tremendous potential as a teaching tool.  But, is there an app for that?  Does interacting with an iPad in a general chemistry classroom environment actually promote student learning?  Using available iPad applications, we designed and implemented structured activities in a first semester general chemistry class for science majors.  These activities introduced, reinforced, or practiced standard topics such as nomenclature and stoichiometry.  Several forms of student assessment were implemented to gauge perspective and evaluate outcomes.  A thorough analysis of these assessments will be presented.


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